***CK’s Top 100 Redux***

CK’s Top 100 has been dormant for a few moths now, a mixture of laziness and preoccupation has kept me away from you, and for that I apologise. The break, however, has given me the opportunity to revise this here Top 100.

You may notice now that the numbering of my previous entries are a little out of whack.
Upon rewatching certain films and as time has marinated my senses I have developed the balls to rearrange the order of many titles in my list and even replace one film altogether.

The major changes from this revision are the unfortunate removal of ‘Super’, the inclusion of a new title to be revealed 3 entries from now, and the fact that the next 3 entries will jump back down the list to account for the now empty positions of #96, #95 and #94.
Once  those 3 films have been reviewed we will then jump back up to #79 and from there we will continue to progress chronologically (provided I don’t have a quarter life crisis and rearrange everything all over again).

I hope I haven’t exploded your minds with all of these boring technicalities. Apologies for the hiatus and the mind-fuck.
Now, prepare to resume your journey of CK’s Top 100.

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