#86: Batman

Director: Tim Burton Year: 1989 Genre: Fantasy/Action In his many incarnations, Batman has always been the most talked about on-screen superhero; from the camp sensation of the 60’s TV series, to Warner Bros. fantastical film franchise (1989-1997) and exquisite animated TV series (1992-1995), to Christopher Nolan’s current film trilogy (2005-2012). Nolan’s vision seems to have […]

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#98: Big Trouble in Little China

Director: John Carpenter Year: 1986 Genre: Fantasy/Action/Comedy This movie is pretty fuckin’ silly, and I might be just as silly for listing it as my favourite John Carpenter film, but if you’ve seen Big Trouble in Little China and you don’t like it, then perhaps you’re missing some funny bones. I’m not talking about a […]

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#91: Edward Scissorhands

Director: Tim Burton Year: 1990 Genre: Fantasy If you have not seen a Tim Burton film, or if you have been dispirited by his later works, watch Edward Scissorhands. Burton’s signature film is a modern fairy tale and a cinema classic. Edward Scissorhands can be described as Frankenstein for a contemporary audience. The Victorian setting […]

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