#102: Battle Royale

Director: Kinji Fukasaku Year: 2000 Genre: Action/Thriller Since the release of The Hunger Games films Battle Royale has fought its way back into the public consciousness. The latter is a Japanese film released in the year 2000 based on a novel of the same name. These two franchises, The Hunger Games and Battle Royal, have been compared due […]

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#75: Shaun of the Dead

Director: Edgar Wright Year: 2004 Genre: Comedy Genre comedies with story lines you can take seriously and characters you could legitimately care about seem to be relics of the 80’s, but Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead has all the ingredients for those who want more than just a laugh from their comedies. I love screwball comedies, […]

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#96: Sin City

Director: Robert Rodriguez Year: 2005 Genre: Action Rodriguez’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel series, Sin City, is hands down the best comic book adaptation to hit the big screen. Why? Because it’s not just faithful to Miller’s work, it literally IS his work. Rodriguez brought Miller on as co-director/producer to help lift Sin City from the page and to the […]

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#84: Avatar

Director: James Cameron Year: 2009 Genre: Sci-Fi I feel a little embarrassed including Avatar in this list. It can be tough justifying the integrity of top grossing films because generally the more money a film makes, the more it compromises on its more edgy or challenging aspects. Avatar, being the highest grossing film of all […]

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#88: Dancer in the Dark

Director: Lars Von Trier Year: 2000 Genre: Drama I often neglect realistic films, as in dramas with little stylistic blemishes or other-worldly elements. Sometimes events occur that end up with me sitting down to watch such a film, and to my surprise I am quite taken by it. Having said that, most of the Drama […]

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#97: Star Trek (2009)

Director: J.J. Abrams Year: 2009 Genre: Sci-Fi We have arrived in the future. Well, 2009 is technically the past, but if you have embarked on this Top 100 journey, starting with Mad Max in 1979, you have jumped forward 30 years in cinema history. The setting of the film in question is so far into […]

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