#79: Big

Director: Penny Marshall Year: 1988 Genre: Comedy Remember Tom Hanks in the 80’s? The reason Hollywood fell in love with him and made him a 2 time Academy Award winning schmuck is because of his endearing nature and his wild approach to comedy. Big sees the perfect mix of Hanks’ loveable sensibilities and zany antics  placing […]

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#94: The Untouchables

Director: Brian De Palma Year: 1987 Genre: Drama Based on the real life hunt for Al Capone in the prohibition era of the early 1930’s, The Untouchables is a hard-hitting crime drama disguised as an old-school crime caper. From the opening credits, with its camp-TV serial style titles and Ennio Morricone’s stunning, upbeat score, you’ll know you’re […]

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#83: Stand By Me

Director: Rob Reiner Year: 1986 Genre: Drama There was no shortage of coming of age dramas and childhood adventure stories in the 80’s and Stand By Me is the best of both worlds. Based on a Stephen King novella, The Body, Stand By Me revolves around four young boys who get a lead on the whereabouts of a […]

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#81: Heathers

Director: Michael Lehmann Year: 1988 Genre: (Black) Comedy The Heathers are the most popular and feared group of girls at Westerburg High School, Ohio. Three out of four of these girls share the same first name, Heather. The fourth girl is Veronica Sawyers (Winona Ryder) and as she tires of her clique’s snobbish ways, in […]

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#86: Batman

Director: Tim Burton Year: 1989 Genre: Fantasy/Action In his many incarnations, Batman has always been the most talked about on-screen superhero; from the camp sensation of the 60’s TV series, to Warner Bros. fantastical film franchise (1989-1997) and exquisite animated TV series (1992-1995), to Christopher Nolan’s current film trilogy (2005-2012). Nolan’s vision seems to have […]

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#98: Big Trouble in Little China

Director: John Carpenter Year: 1986 Genre: Fantasy/Action/Comedy This movie is pretty fuckin’ silly, and I might be just as silly for listing it as my favourite John Carpenter film, but if you’ve seen Big Trouble in Little China and you don’t like it, then perhaps you’re missing some funny bones. I’m not talking about a […]

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#89: The King of Comedy

Director: Martin Scorsese Year: 1983 Genre: Black Comedy It’s 1983 and we are joined with one of the best living actors, Robert De Niro, and one of the best living directors, Martin Scorsese, in one of his best films. Ladies and gentlemen, The King of Comedy. De Niro plays Rupert Pupkin, an obsessive comedian wannabe, […]

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#90: The Fly (1986)

Director: David Cronenberg Year: 1986 Genre: Sci-Fi We’ve seen how well transporters work in the year 2258 – beautifully demonstrated in Star Trek when Scotty beams multiple beings into a space ship traveling at warp speed. Now we have the privilege of seeing how transporters worked back in the year I was born, the year […]

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