#96: Sin City

Director: Robert Rodriguez Year: 2005 Genre: Action Rodriguez’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel series, Sin City, is hands down the best comic book adaptation to hit the big screen. Why? Because it’s not just faithful to Miller’s work, it literally IS his work. Rodriguez brought Miller on as co-director/producer to help lift Sin City from the page and to the […]

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***CK’s Top 100 Redux***

CK’s Top 100 has been dormant for a few moths now, a mixture of laziness and preoccupation has kept me away from you, and for that I apologise. The break, however, has given me the opportunity to revise this here Top 100. You may notice now that the numbering of my previous entries are a […]

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#83: Stand By Me

Director: Rob Reiner Year: 1986 Genre: Drama There was no shortage of coming of age dramas and childhood adventure stories in the 80’s and Stand By Me is the best of both worlds. Based on a Stephen King novella, The Body, Stand By Me revolves around four young boys who get a lead on the whereabouts of a […]

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#80: L.A. Confidential

Director: Curtis Hanson Year: 1997 Genre: Mystery/Thriller L.A. Confidential is a neo-noir epic of police corruption and Hollywood scandal set in 1953. Crime, sex and glamour are shaken seamlessly together to form this cocktail of a mystery/thriller that you can’t afford to miss. Don’t be fooled by the taste, this cocktail is strong. You will […]

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#84: Avatar

Director: James Cameron Year: 2009 Genre: Sci-Fi I feel a little embarrassed including Avatar in this list. It can be tough justifying the integrity of top grossing films because generally the more money a film makes, the more it compromises on its more edgy or challenging aspects. Avatar, being the highest grossing film of all […]

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#81: Heathers

Director: Michael Lehmann Year: 1988 Genre: (Black) Comedy The Heathers are the most popular and feared group of girls at Westerburg High School, Ohio. Three out of four of these girls share the same first name, Heather. The fourth girl is Veronica Sawyers (Winona Ryder) and as she tires of her clique’s snobbish ways, in […]

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CK’s Top 10 Films of 2012 – pt. 2

#5: Moonrise Kingdom Director: Wes Anderson Genre: Comedy Wes Anderson’s back with arguably his best film since The Royal Tenenbaums (2001). Moonrise Kingdom takes place in 1965 on an island in New England where our protagonist, 12 year-old orphan Sam, attends a scout camp. Sam reunites with his year-long pen pal, Suzy, who also lives […]

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CK’s Top 10 Films of 2012 – pt. 1

#10: Killer Joe Director: William Friedkin Genre: (Black) Comedy In order to settle a life-threatening debt, a young drug dealer, Emile Hirsch, hires a corrupt cop, Matthew McConaughey, to kill his mother in order to collect the insurance money. The theatrical poster deems it “a Totally twisted deep-fried Texas redneck trailer park murder story”, and […]

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#82: Jaws

Director: Steven Spielberg Year: 1975 Genre: Horror Steven Spielberg takes a b-movie concept, a shark attack movie, and coats it with sophisticated film production values to create the world’s first blockbuster movie. What can one say about Jaws that hasn’t already been said? It’s an obvious choice for any Top Film list and a necessary […]

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#85: Suspiria

Director: Dario Argento Year: 1977 Genre: Horror Strange that our next stop after Dancer in the Dark should be a psychedelic horror, or giallo, film about a dancer in a very dark environment. Let’s just pretend that I’ve wanked on about the similarities between these two wonderful movies, joked about how Suspiria could perhaps be […]

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